About Us

June of 1964, Larry Clark joined Inland Communications as a service technician. He held several positions with the company, which became Com Nav Electronics. In 1969 Clark Electronics was started. Clark Electronics sold and serviced marine electronic navigation and communication equipment on the inland waterways. Clark Electronics also sold carrying cases, patented by Larry Clark, and Searchlights, rebuilt from military surplus. These were marketed throughout the marine industry. The 1990’s were a time of expansion. Clark Electronics was incorporated as Clark Electronics Inc, a West Virginia Corp. The Corp. operates four companies. Clark Electronics International, manufactures and markets canvas carrying cases for portable radio’s. C.E.I, manufactures and markets electronic devices for the marine industry. Clark Electronics, sells and services marine electronics navigation and communications equipment. Clark Enterprises, contracts to build control panels, and does consulting for local customers and their electronic needs. Fifty four Years of experience, serving the marine industry.